Absolute Paint

Water-based, odorless, decorative paint with an extra matte natural surface and great color depth. Thanks to the high concentration of pigments, oils and active ingredients, Absolute Paint is a rich paint characterized by an elegant texture reminiscent of the style of natural lime-based paints.

Kerakoll Absolute Paint

20.000 Ft
Color:Warm Collection
Méret:4 L

Absolute Paint
Interior spaces

Ceiling Absolute Paint KK 67
Wall Cementoresina Wall WR06

Ceiling Absolute paint WR02
Wall Patina Living WR04
Space divider Microresina WR09
Floor Cementoresina WR09

Absolute Paint is able to resist the growth and spread of mold, fungi and bacteria. Due to its exceptional air permeability, it is well suited for drying plaster systems. Since it does not contain heavy metals, it is highly recommended for children's rooms and bedrooms. The paint provides excellent coverage and is free of volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde. The painted surface is resistant and easy to clean.

Absolute Paint

Protection and decoration of interior surfaces: by applying two coats of paint by brush, roller or spray, such as Absolute Paint by Kerakoll Spa, GreenBuilding Rating® 4, with coverage of ≈ 0.15-0.2 l/m2. Highly breathable, VOC-free, free of heavy metals according to the EN 71-3 standard, fungistatic and bacteriostatic. Resists wet scrubbing according to ISO 11998 II. class according to the EN13300 standard, water vapor permeability class. Class V1 (highly breathable) according to the EN ISO 7783-2 standard.

  • VOC France 28 days: A+
  • Water vapor permeability (EN ISO 7783): Class: V1 (highly breathable)
  • Health protection and safety (EN 71-3): Complies, suitable for decorating playgrounds and playgrounds.

About Warm Collection

An integrated project that includes innovative materials coordinated with a single color palette.


The atmosphere of the Warm Collection is the result of an exclusive and refined research of textures, surfaces and colors in the unmistakable style of Piero Lissoni.


The Warm Collection brightens up rooms in an innovative way.