Microresina is a water-based micro resin with a matte surface. Ideal for redesigning all kinds of home decor accessories, ceramic tiles and floors. Flexible microfilm for repainting doors, interior and exterior furnishings and radiators. Furthermore, for decorating existing ceramic coverings and joints, turning them into a clean, modern-looking surface.

Kerakoll Microresin

25.200 Ft
Size:1.2 kg

interior spaces

Ceiling Wallpaper Living WR01
Metal frame Microresina WR01
Hood Wallpaper WR01
Wall Microresina WR01
Kitchen furniture Microresina WR01
Floor Microresina Floor WR01

Wall Microresina WR01
Kitchen furniture Microresina WR01
Metal frame Microresina WR01
Floor Microresina Floor WR01

Wall Stripe Living WR04
Bench Microresina WR09
Floor Cementoresina WR09

Wall Microresina WR01

Ceiling Absolute paint WR02
Wall Patina Living WR04
Space divider Microresina WR09
Floor Cementoresina WR09

Wall Microresina WR08

Ceiling Decor Paint WR07
Lamps Microresina WR07
Hood Patina WR07
Wall Wallpaper Living WR07
Window frames Microresina WR03
Floor Cementoresina WR06

Water-based, matt lacquered micro-resin for redesigning all kinds of home decoration accessories, doors, interior and exterior window and door frames, heaters and ceramic coverings. Colored Microresina is suitable for many recoloring and redesigning applications:

  • Tiles, paving slabs, ceramics, glass mosaics, stone
  • Exterior and interior doors and windows
  • Home furnishing accessories
  • New and old real wood, veneer, melamine, laminate
  • PVC, aluminum frames, boards
  • Painted radiators
  • Metal objects (after pretreatment)
  • Mdf, multi-layer or solid wood furniture
  • Fine-grained smoothed cement-bonded plasters, gypsum-based plasters and substrates
  • Other wooden floors (after Primer Antitannino), hardwood floors, oak floors
  • For repainting, in special cases - e.g. increasing wear resistance - with Microresina Xtreme post-protection.


Kerakoll Design Microresina is a tinted, water-based, matte lacquered microresin for redesigning all kinds of home furnishing accessories and ceramic tiles, applied by brush, roller or spray.

Microresina is highly protective against aggressive substances, stain and detergent resistant (class 5 - excellent) according to EN 12720 standard, with excellent scratch resistance (2 kg - excellent) according to ISO 1518 standard, excellent adhesion to iron, galvanized sheet metal, wood and For PVC, 100% according to DIN 53151/ISO 2409/ASTM D 3359, non-toxic according to EN 71-3, suitable for decorating areas intended for decorating environments and playgrounds. for children, complies with UNI 11021:2002 (HACCP DL 193/2007) food hygiene system, UNI 11021:2002 (HACCP DL 193/2007) standard. with a construction in accordance with the 2004/42/EC directive.
  • CE marking (EN 1504-2 and EN 13813): ✓
  • Adhesion test (DIN 53151/ISO 2409/ASTM D 3359): 100% on ceramic tiles and paints
  • Health protection and safety (EN 71-3): Complies, suitable for decorating playgrounds and children's rooms.
  • Scratch resistance (ISO 1518 Clements test): 2 kg (excellent)
  • Chemical resistance (EN 12720): class 5 (excellent), stain resistant and resistant to detergents
  • HACCP (UNI 11021-2002): Compliant, suitable for food preparation environments.

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