Outdoor Paint

Decorative, water-based paint for exterior use, with a natural design and high color fastness. Unparalleled protection of the building against atmospheric substances. Evoking the earthy feeling of natural plaster, Outdoor Paint, when applied to the facade, results in a light imperfection effect and an elegant refraction of light.

Kerakoll Outdoor Paint

34.400 Ft

Outdoor Paint
outdoor spaces

Outdoor Paint is a decorative, water-based paint for exterior use, with a natural finish and high color content. with resilience. It boasts unparalleled protection building from atmospheric effects and with maximum weather resistance, thus providing perfect protection against extreme weather conditions such as strong UV radiation, heat and frost. In addition to its beautiful aesthetics, this innovative paint can also be used on drying and traditional plasters, smoothing plasters and concrete.

Outdoor Paint

Protection and decoration of internal and external surfaces: applied by brush, roller or spray, high color fastness, decorative, natural surface, water-based paint intended for external use, which incomparably protects the building from atmospheric effects. The finishing paint layer of the Outdoor Paint type, made with light-resistant pigments and siloxane binders dispersed in an aqueous solution, creates an extremely breathable and protective decoration against dirt, mold, algae and fungi.

Kerakoll outdoor paint, GreenBuilding certification 2. Washing resistance > 10,000 cycles according to UNI 10560, water vapor permeability class V1 (high) according to EN ISO 7783-2, excess water permeability class W3 (low) according to EN1062-3.
  • Water vapor permeability (EN 7783): class V1 (high)
  • Permeability to liquid water (EN 1062-3): class W3 (low)
  • Washing resistance (UNI 10560): > 10,000 cycles