Outdoor Plaster

Synthetic resin covering for external use, with a color-body material structure and high color fastness - unparalleled protection of the building from atmospheric effects. The irregular texture of Outdoor Plaster lends materiality to facades and increases the perception of depth in outdoor architectural projects.

Kerakoll Outdoor Plaster

50.000 Ft
Size:25 KG

The Outdoor Plaster
outdoor spaces

The innovative Outdoor Plaster resin cladding is designed for outdoor use and is available in a range of classic colors that will never go out of style. It not only offers beautiful aesthetics, but also provides exceptional protection against harmful UV rays and extreme weather conditions.

The irregular texture of the outer coating gives the facades a characteristic material appearance, which increases the value of the buildings. In addition, the unique dimensional effect of Kerakoll Outdoor Plaster results in a unique appearance that distinguishes it from other options available on the market.

The Outdoor Plaster

Outdoor Plaster provides the protection and decoration of interior and exterior surfaces and thermal insulation covering systems. It is made with a steel float and finishing with a plastic spreader, with a 1.5 mm grain size, high color fastness resin coating and material structure intended for external use, in the form of a colored paste. The compact, fibrous mineral coating based on acrylic resins and hydrophobic siloxanes provides a high degree of protection against atmospheric substances, pollution, bacteria, fungi and algae.

GreenBuilding rating 4, meets the performance requirements of the EN 15824 standard. Permeability class V2 (medium) against water vapor according to the EN ISO 7783-2 standard. Permeability to liquid water class W3 (low) according to EN 1062-3. Adhesion ≥ 0.3 MPa according to EN 1542. Thermal conductivity coefficient (λ) 1.20 W/(m K) according to the EN 1745:2002 standard. The outdoor plaster is applied in a ratio of ≈ 2.4 kg/m2 in one layer, behavior against fire class B-s2, d0 according to the EN 13501-1 standard.
  • CE marking (EN 15824): ✓
  • Water vapor permeability (EN 7783): class V2 (medium)
  • Permeability to liquid water (EN 1062-3): class W3 (low)