Water-based synthetic resin covering with delabré plaster texture and natural shade finish. Patina resembles a soft-touch, mottled surface, creating a hand-made feel. The unique effects of uneven color and light reflection create a refined sense of imperfection. Patina is a special cycle for bathroom and kitchen tiles.

Kerakoll Patina

19.800 Ft
Size:1 m2

The Patina
interior spaces

Hood Patina WR07
Wall Wallpaper Living WR07
Floor Cementoresina WR03

Ceiling Decor Paint WR07
Lamps Microresina WR07
Hood Patina WR07
Wall Wallpaper Living WR07
Window frames Microresina WR03
Floor Cementoresina WR06

Patina is a water-based synthetic resin coating with an "oldlook" plaster texture and natural shade surface treatment. Ideal for bathroom and kitchen walls.

Using Patina can create a stunning vintage aesthetic in a room, creating a nostalgic feel with its worn, unfinished and imperfect look. Its magical charm adorns the walls with unexpected hues and layers of weather-worn plaster, effectively simulating the passage of time. The patina texture is characterized by ripples, chromatic marbling and material vibrations, which contribute to the soft touch and high aesthetic quality. This product is suitable for any room, especially for walls in contact with water, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

The Patina

Kerakoll Design Patina is a water-based resin coating with a colorful "old-look" plaster texture and natural shade, with a total thickness of ≈ 2 mm, suitable for decorating domestic and commercial interiors, especially for covering bathrooms, showers and kitchens.

Waterproof and waterproof, class W3 according to the ISO 1062-3 standard, complies with the EN 15824 standard, non-toxic according to the EN 71-3 standard, suitable for decorating environments for children, meets the requirements of UNI 11021:2002 (HACCP DL 193/2007) , suitable for covering environments intended for food preparation, with excellent chemical resistance (class 5), stain-resistant and detergent-resistant according to the EN 12720 standard.
  • Health protection and safety (EN 71-3): Complies, suitable for decorating playgrounds and children's rooms.
  • Scratch resistance (ISO 1518 Clements test): 1.95 kg
  • Chemical resistance (EN 12720): class (excellent), stain resistant and resistant to detergents.
  • HACCP (UNI 11021-2002): Compliant, suitable for covering environments intended for food preparation.

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