A Kerakoll elnyerte a tekintélyes B Corp minősítést

Kerakoll received the prestigious B Corp rating

Kerakoll, a prominent player in the global construction industry, has just been awarded B Corp certification.

On July 26, 2023, in Sassuolo, Kerakoll received this honor as a pioneering construction company, consolidating its status as a leading sustainable building benefits company in the sector and a major global industry player.

Obtaining AB Corp certification marks a significant chapter in Kerakoll's commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) excellence. This milestone reflects the company's transition from its historic commitment to green building to adopting a business model that actively generates economic, social and environmental benefits.

Kerakoll B Corp Sustainable Construction Industry

Under the guidance of NATIVA, Kerakoll started on this transformative path and became a Benefit Company in September 2021. The certification process comprehensively assessed Kerakoll's impact across its operations in 11 countries, focusing on five key areas: governance, employee well-being, community support, environmental responsibility and customer engagement. The evaluation highlights Kerakoll's ethical management, employee well-being and development opportunities, support of non-profit organizations, sustainable supply chain practices, commitment to the circular economy, and efforts in product and logistics sustainability.

The B Corp certification awarded by the international B Lab recognizes companies that meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. This underlines Kerakoll's ongoing commitment to positively impacting its employees, communities and the environment, as well as continuously improving its practices.

Kerakoll is among the 240 Italian companies with this certification, contributing to a global network of more than 7,000 B Corp.

Fabio Sghedoni, Vice President of Kerakoll, expressed his pride that they have joined the ranks of large companies with B Corp certification and are leading the construction industry in the direction of sustainable practices. He emphasized that the certification is proof of Kerakoll's commitment to ESG values ​​and its role as a driver of change in the industry, which strives for a future where development is in harmony with environmental and social well-being.

Eric Ezechieli, co-founder of NATIVA, praised Kerakoll's strategic focus on sustainability, especially in the challenging construction industry. He praised the company's global team for its commitment to sustainability, strategic innovation and tangible results.

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About Kerakoll

Kerakoll is an internationally recognized B Corp and Benefit Company specializing in sustainable building solutions that harmonize with the environment and enhance human well-being. Since its founding in Sassuolo, Italy in 1968, Kerakoll has been at the forefront of the green construction industry with its innovative technologies. The company, which generated more than €600 million in revenue in 2021, employs around 2,000 people worldwide, operates in 12 countries and maintains 17 manufacturing plants in different countries, continuing its growth trajectory and leadership in sustainable construction.

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Preparation of base surfaces
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Kerakoll Design is an integrated project that incorporates innovative materials - synthetic resin, cement, hand-crafted wood, micro-coatings, paints and glazes - coordinated in a single color palette.