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Thermal cell, heat-insulating moisture-absorbing bio-plaster - R and T / CSII certified. Anti-mold and vapor permeable according to the EN ISO 13788 standard. It has outstanding energy efficiency. NHL 3.5 is made from natural pure lime, mineral geo-binder, natural amorphous tras and other natural ingredients. Extremely breathable. A natural product for bio-architecture.

It only contains raw materials of natural origin and recycled minerals. It has natural ventilation, actively removes pollutants in the indoor air, and has a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-mold effect. It can be recycled as inert waste.

Benesserebio® bioplaster protects the house from damage caused by moisture. In the course of time, it permanently preserves its vaporizing and ventilating ability. It provides a warmer wall surface and thermally insulates the wall to make internal air conditioning and energy saving more efficient. Benesserebio® uses natural NHL lime improved with Kerakoll's exclusive geo-binder, combined with the protective function of micronized natural trace salts against salts. These natural components ensure the best mechanical properties of the bio-plaster and complete protection from moisture.

Wrapping Bag 18 kg
Material requirement ≈ 6.5 kg/m 2 /cm layer thickness
Storage ≈ 12 months

- Inorganic Natural Mineral
- Warm organic plaster
- Organic 5


More hearty:
the formula produced exclusively by benesserebio® provides a light, high-volume mixture, which allows you to plaster up to 100% with the same amount of material, i.e. twice the surface compared to traditional drying plasters

Greater energy savings:
warm bioplaster provides 30% energy savings compared to traditional masonry

Warmer and drier:
benesserebio® provides a wall that is 3°C warmer, thus preventing mold in buildings and the formation of unnecessary moisture

Stronger temperature vaporizing ability:
benesserebio®'s thermal vaporization ability removes water from the masonry in the form of vapor, 250% more efficiently compared to traditional dehumidifying mortars

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Kerakoll Benesserebio

The first thermal wall-drying bio-plaster containing heat cells, which protects your home from all types of moisture and helps save energy.

A natural product for bio-architecture.


✓ Extraordinary generosity
✓ High energy efficiency
✓ Active effect against moisture and salts

Global Innovation

With benesserebio®, mold, condensation and moisture are no longer a problem.

We protect your home.

Kerakoll quality

At Kerakoll, we are constantly working to improve people's well-being, health and outstanding quality of life in their homes. Our construction philosophy involves a low environmental impact, which helps to achieve a new and better quality of life.

The first thermal moisture-removing drying bio-plaster

We are opening a new dimension in the world of plasters, which serves health with its unique technology: the warm organic plaster. A revolutionary new thermal drying plaster that protects the walls from moisture and preserves the health of the people living in the house.

The only product with double CE marking

Thermal damp-proofing bio-plaster is the only product with double CE marking. The R classification denotes the restorative mortar, the T the heat-insulating plaster, and the CSII resistance class guarantees inimitable, time-efficient performance.

A natural product for bio-architecture

All Kerakoll solutions are born from in-depth scientific research in the field of health and well-being, and by combining technology and eco-compatibility, they are implemented in a unique and inimitable GreenBuilding solution. benesserebio® is the only bio-plaster that prevents mold and condensation in accordance with the EN ISO 13788 standard.

More intensive thermal vaporization ability

12.5 liters** of extracted water per day ho-evaporative capacity.

The thermal evaporation capacity indicates the power of removing and drying water accumulated in the masonry in the form of water vapor. This is the basic data for establishing the effectiveness of the restorative plaster. It has been calculated that benesserebio® can evaporate more than 12.5 liters of water in just 24 hours.

** The value refers to the thermal dehumidification intervention of 90 m2 of masonry (20x10m, average plaster height of 1.5m). Plaster thickness: 3 cm.

warmer and drier

+ 3°C warmer and drier** surface mold-resistant moisture barrier.

The special heat cell technology with high pore content provides a warmer, drier surface. benesserebio® ensures a wall that is 3°C warmer, thus preventing the building from becoming moldy and the formation of unnecessary moisture. Certified data according to the EN ISO 13788 standard.

** Internal surface temperature increase compared to unplastered traditional masonry. Plaster thickness: 3 cm.

greater energy savings

14,000 kWh** annual energy savings with insulation.

With a simple, 3 cm benesserebio® layer, you can save 14,000 kWh of energy per year when heating each floor of your house.

The warm bio-plaster provides 30% energy savings compared to traditional masonry, so benesserebio®, in addition to being an innovative thermal moisture-relieving bio-plaster, is also a mineral micro-version of a board thermal insulation system that improves the energy efficiency of the building's masonry.

** The value refers to the thermal dehumidification intervention of 180 m2 of traditional masonry (20x10 m, average 3 m high house). Plaster thickness: 3 cm. Climatic zone "E" (Modena), heating time is Italian. Eln. pursuant to Decree 412/93.


At least +55%** more painted surface is extraordinary generosity.

The formula produced exclusively by Kerakoll provides a light, high-volume mixture, which allows you to plaster up to 100% more surfaces with the same amount of material, i.e. twice as large compared to traditional drying plasters.

benesserebio® guarantees the easiest and fastest workability between masonry plasters ever achieved.

** Calculated value for the normal strength of traditional regenerating plasters.

Kerakoll: your in-house experts for your health

Kerakoll GreenLab's green research revolutionizes the standards of wall restoration and energy efficiency to improve the livability of rooms and ensure biophysical well-being in the home.

The bio-architecture engineers of the Kerakoll GreenLab laboratory have opened a new era in defining the standards of restorative plasters, which are based on a perfect knowledge of the temperature-hygrometric and chemical-physical phenomena occurring inside the masonry: the first warm, thermal dehumidification plaster is born.

The new benesserebio® bioplaster is the result of decades of technical and architectural experience of Kerakoll's engineers and researchers. It was born from thorough studies on innovative new materials with unparalleled properties, which provide incomparable evaporative capacity, natural, long-lasting anti-condensation and anti-mold behavior and improved temperature efficiency.

We managed to overcome the challenge: heat cell technology was born. A wall with benesserebio® plaster can be restored more quickly and retains its evaporative capacity, is warmer and insulates the wall for more efficient internal air conditioning and energy saving.

benesserebio® turns the walls of the house into a source of health.

benesserebio: the heat that dries the walls and thus saves energy

A solution for all types of walls and all types of moisture

benesserebio is the first warm, thermal moisture-relieving organic plaster that provides a permanent solution for moisture-laden during the generation of masonry and the prevention of condensation.

benesserebio bio-plaster provides thermal moisture-relieving benefits that have a targeted effect on absorbed moisture and against condensation in different areas of the wall, from parts in contact with the ground to parts in contact with structural elements and air.

benesserebio provides the beneficial effects of heat therapy, without having to resort to external thermal insulation systems, repairs thermal bridges, thus preventing the appearance of molds and fungi on the wall, and over time, significant energy savings provides.

The secret of thermal moisture removal: heat cells

All masonry, whether new or old, can be exposed to high levels of moisture and low temperatures, causing the wall to lose its original it causes a dangerous decrease in its protective function and the healthy well-being previously provided by the apartment. The technological heart of the new bio-plaster is the open-pore thermal cell technology, which provides excellent temperature properties and increases the evaporation capacity.

benesserebio bio-plaster mainly consists of super-breathable natural pure lime, natural active ingredients and eco-pores provided by recycled fillers according to an exclusive formula created in the research and development laboratories of Kerakoll GreenLab.

benesserebio is a revolutionary, enhanced thermal dehumidification bio-plaster that can successfully deal with large amounts of moisture absorbed from the ground and condensation, as the innovative thermal cell healthy technology is activated in contact with air and retains heat, thus reducing the surface temperature of the wall by 3 °C- increases with

Operating principles of thermal dehumidification

benesserebio is the first bioplaster that is based on thermal dehumidification, that is, on the revolutionary principle that definitively solves both the problem of walls exposed to capillary dampness and the problem of mold and condensation in apartments, and thus restores the ideal well-being in interior rooms condition.

After opening the package and mixing the product with water, as well as after application, benesserebio starts to dry by activating the cells and reaches the ideal temperature in 28 days. This is how the process of open-pore thermal dehumidification and deep restoration begins on any type of old, wet, salty masonry exposed to capillary permeation.

The thermal evaporation capability developed by the thermal cell green technology ensures that 12.5 liters of water are continuously extracted from the wall per day and released into the environment in the form of water vapor.

The thermal cell wellness technology increases the surface temperature of the wall by 3 °C in a uniform, controlled manner, thus ensuring that mold, fungi and bacteria are unable to settle and spread on the walls. The temperature increase of the plaster prevents surface condensation: benesserebio behaves like a micro-version of the real board thermal insulation system and can replace external thermal insulation boards in the prevention of condensation on walls affected by increased moisture and thermal bridges, thus permanently solving all surface condensation problems.

Benesserebio: protects against cold and heat

benesserebio's thermal dehumidification technology not only ensures healthy living spaces, but also insulates and protects buildings. Thanks to its exceptional temperature properties, they lead to annual savings of 14,000 kWh**.

The homogeneous multi-cell structure protects the walls from the cold in the winter and from the heat in the summer.

The thermal insulation property of benesserebio provides a huge temperature phase shift, so it can dampen the temperature difference inside the building. fluctuations, dampens the effects of external weather conditions, thus ensuring the best feeling of well-being in the apartment, as well as actual energy savings through both winter and summer air conditioning.

Benesserebio: extreme generosity on the construction site

The revolutionary formula of benesserebio provides 55% to 100% better satiety than the general products available on the market.

benesserebio in its practical, moisture-protected 18 kg package is easy to use by hand or machine, with normal tools used on construction sites, and provides workability properties never seen before. Try it and feel the difference!

Warmer surface

Thanks to the innovative heat cell technology, the surface of the plaster heats up by 3 °C, which provides a better feeling of heat to the interior rooms of the house and makes them healthy.

Thermocell technology

The technological heart of the new bio-plaster is the open-pore thermal cell technology, which provides outstanding temperature properties and increases the evaporation capacity.

Cold, wet masonry

All masonry, whether new or old, can be exposed to high levels of moisture and low temperatures, causing the wall to lose its original protective function and causing a dangerous decline in the healthy well-being previously provided by the home.

It prevents the formation of mold and condensation

If you increase the surface temperature of the plaster by 3 °C, it permanently prevents the risk of mold formation and internal condensation. benesserebio® is a certified, safe solution to make your house comfortable and healthy again.

Greater energy savings

The thermostatic, porous surface of benesserebio retains heat in winter and coolness in summer. Thanks to the innovative heat cells, the thin layer of bioplaster works as a micro-version of the board thermal insulation system on the masonry and significantly improves the energy efficiency of the house.

Higher thermal evaporation capacity

Thanks to the thermal gradient provided by the innovative thermal cells and the high degree of porosity, benesserebio® has developed an unparalleled thermal vaporization ability to provide thermal dehumidification for all types of walls and all types of moisture.

External facades


• Performs rapid temperature dehumidification on the wall

• Solves the problem of salts

• Protects the wall from the elements

Interior walls


• prevents mold and condensation

• makes the indoor environment warmer and healthier

• increases energy efficiency

Basement rooms with retaining walls


• in combination with osmosis waterproofing, it solves the problem of infiltration of water from the ground

• eliminates mold and condensation

• makes the wall warmer and healthier

Advantages on the construction site

✓ one-component product, ensures the best workability in all application stages

✓ easier and smoother smoothing, faster work, with less effort

✓ general used on construction sites can be applied by hand or by machine
with equipment

✓ greater capacity, thus lower transport costs, more prepared square meters

✓ practical, moisture-proof, 18 kg bag - to reduce fatigue

✓ natural product for bio-architecture

Kerakoll - The GreenBuilding Company

About Kerakoll

In the increasingly important world of sustainable building materials and eco-friendly practices, Kerakoll plays a pioneering role in the industry.

Founded in 1968, the Italian company has become a global leader in the production of adhesives, sealants and other construction materials, while remaining committed to environmental protection.

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