Masterworks Hungary

"Experience the art of sustainable living"

In the heart of Budapest, a team that dared to dream saw a unique opportunity to revolutionize the world of construction and interior design. They knew that exploiting the full potential of living spaces lies in the combination of high technology and environmentally friendly, quality materials. This is how Masterworks Hungary was created, a unified online platform for premium building materials and modern interior design solutions.

At the team, we are aware that a home is more than just a place to live; it reflects the individual's personality, dreams and aspirations. By partnering with Kerakol, a leading company in environmentally friendly building materials, Masterworks is able to create the perfect balance between sustainability, quality and style.

From the smallest renovation project to large-scale construction, Masterworks is a reliable partner that helps transform living spaces. The company's commitment to excellence, innovation and sustainability has earned it a loyal following among architects, interior designers and homeowners.

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The founders and the team

Masterworks is a dynamic, new generation construction industry company with a modern online store and a comprehensive ERP system. The company's three founding team members - each of them has unique expertise and experience in large-scale construction projects, premium paving services, environmentally conscious architecture, and business digitalization. The founders share a common passion for sustainability and innovation, which unites them towards a common goal.

The Masterworks team consists of passionate professionals who strive to create masterpieces of modern green architecture using the latest technologies and materials. Each and every member is committed to transforming the future of the construction industry and interior design, which reaches all over the world from Budapest.

The philosophy of Masterworks

The philosophy of Masterworks is based on three main pillars of sustainability, innovation, excellence and entrepreneurship: honest work, healthy relationships and high quality materials.

We believe in creating living spaces that not only reflect our clients' unique personalities and aspirations, but also contribute positively to the environment and society. Our commitment to honest work and competence extends to all our team members, from founders to employees, as we strive for excellence in all our projects.

We focus on building and developing mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, suppliers and partners based on transparency, trust and respect. This focus on healthy relationships enables us to bring you the latest architectural designs and materials from around the world, through continuous innovation and our extensive network of factory partners.

Our commitment to the high quality materials we use ensures that every masterpiece we create is timeless and at the same time enhances the overall experience of our customers. We constantly push the boundaries of design and architecture, redefining the standard of modern living while protecting the planet for future generations.

At Masterworks, we don't just build homes; we create masterpieces that inspire and elevate the human experience. Our philosophy is a testament to our commitment to transforming the construction industry and interior design, a sustainable, innovative and honest project at the same time.

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Experience the art of sustainable living

Experience the art of sustainable living