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Collection: Ragno

The Ragno brand is one of the historical protagonists of the growth and success of the Italian ceramic industry. Founded in Sassuolo in 1949, Ragno became a key player in the growth of the ceramics industry thanks to its ability to produce wall tiles for domestic spaces. In the 1960s and 1970s, it expanded its expertise to the production of floor and wall covering glazed tiles for various segments of the construction industry.

Ragno's product range includes clearly defined, reliable solutions that are durable in the long term, but at the same time constantly evolving and renewing themselves with new interior design trends - from porcelain to white-bodied single-fired materials and glass mosaics, for indoor and outdoor floor and wall coverings. Ragno offers a complete, increasingly "specialized" range that interacts with the world of architectural design through modular, flexible solutions for the living space and much more.

Below you will find Ragno's latest product collections from the 2021 and 2022 seasons.

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Ragno Ossimori Kollekció - Autentikus fa hatású kőedény


Wood effect - Authentic wood effect stoneware

The deeply veined, vibrant surface appears in four subtle natural shades.

Ragno Sol Kollekció - A részletek és árnyalatok világos kombinációi


Storie - Bright combinations of details and shades

Light and color come together in an intense collection, available in three shades - Bianco, Verde and Blu - to capture all the charm of the Amalfi Coast.

Ragno Mixed Kollekció - divatos háttérkép hatások fali csempék


Wall tiles - Trendy wallpaper effects

The floral-inspired ornamental style has been revived in an extremely contemporary collection that elegantly combines concrete-effect surfaces with marble-effect surfaces.

Ragno Realstone_Argent Kollekció - Kő hatás


Stone effect - Purity and simplicity meet in the warm shades of an ancient stone

The soft, extremely natural surface, which has a high degree of non-slip thanks to the StepWise technology, lends a sophisticated appeal to in&out projects.

Ragno Stratford Kollekció - beton hatás


Concrete effect - Matt concrete effect porcelain

Stratford is a complete, well-structured collection for extremely versatile coverage of indoor locations. Thanks to the exclusive StepWise technology, the matte surface guarantees outstanding anti-slip values.


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Ragno Now Kollekció - okos fal


Smart wall - Contemporary wall covering with resin effect

Soft-touch surface and subtly uneven pattern for Now resin effect contemporary wall covering.

Ragno Incanto Kollekció - Márvány hatású


Marble effect - Porcelain stone tiles

The reinterpretation of the Incanto 13 multi-colored marble variety in accordance with today's tastes, made of porcelain marble, which, thanks to the light weight of the slabs, is perfectly suitable for the renovation of residential and commercial interiors.

Ragno Contrasti Kollekció - Storie kőagyag cementlapok


Storie - 20x20 stone clay cement tiles

The past and the present meet in a collection that evokes the characteristic "handmade" look of traditional products, where colors and decorations create an extremely contemporary graphic feel.

Ragno Gleeze Kollekció - Storie fényes 3D csempe


Storie - Shiny 3D tiles

Super-glossy concave and convex surfaces combined with three-dimensional structures alternate on the walls, bringing them to life. Design Awards 2021 winner.

Ragno Look Kollekció - Storie csempe fényes padlókoz falakhoz


Storie - Tiles for glossy floors and walls

The characteristic size of 6x24 cm Look has a very shiny, imperfect surface, with variations in color and pattern that make spaces unique.

Ragno Mélange Kollekció - Storie A hagyomány és a design találkozása


Storie - The meeting of tradition and design

The charm of "handmade" ceramics 10x10. Mélange is inspired by a material steeped in experience and history; the successful meeting of tradition and design develops and revises the color theme, showing an unexpected contemporary personality.

Ragno Ironstone Kollekció - Beton hatás


Concrete effect - Vivid contrasts

The passage of time is the central theme of the time-worn surfaces, which gradually reveal all their true wonders in the bold contrasts of material and light.

Ragno Abitare Kollekció - Storie eklektikus 20x20 csempék


Storie - Eclectic 20x20 tiles

Rediscovering the past with taste and sophistication. The wonderful color combinations, geometric patterns and decorations of the granulated marble slabs of the early 20th century are given a contemporary reinterpretation in the Abitare collection.

Ragno Creek Kollekció - Intelligens padló


Smart floor - Stone effect, tradition meets design

Creek reinterprets stone in the form of minimalist limestone, an ancient rock with fine veining and barely noticeable patterns, for romantic, fresh, bright interiors and decorations.

Ragno Replace Kollekció - Intelligens padló


Smart floor - Fine and embroidered concrete effect ceramics

Replace is a collection of porcelain stoneware with a fine, soft surface with a patina concrete look. It has a fresh, new aesthetic and a versatile selection, thanks to the decors and outdoor surfaces.

Ragno A_Mano Kollekció - Storie egyszerű, elegáns formák


Storie - Simple, elegant forms

Simple, smooth shapes with clean outlines are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. They can cover entire walls or define smaller areas, harmonizing with antique terracotta, wood, concrete, stone floor coverings.

Ragno Ottocento Kollekció - Storie vintage csempe kortárs érzéssel

Eighteenth century

Storie - Vintage tiles with a contemporary feel

On floors, walls in bathrooms or kitchens, transformed into decorative panels or used as worktops, they have endless uses and provide a stunning visual impact.

Ragno Unitech Kollekció - Intelligens padló


Smart floor - Ceramic tile, clear color

The Ragno Unitech collection is dominated by pure, irresistible colors. Unitech ceramic tiles are made with a firing process, in three sizes - 20x20 10x10 and 10x30 - and in two surface finishes, lux and matt.


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