Cementoresina Wall surface and texture

Colored body, smoothed texture, high performance, natural surface covering. Cementoresina Wall has a highly aesthetic textural quality characterized by ripples, color marbling and material vibrations resulting from the imperfections of craftsmanship. With a thickness of only 3 mm, it creates an impressive and elegant atmosphere.

Cementoresina Wall COLORS

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Cementoresina Wall interiors

Floor Cementoresina KK 19

Walls and fireplace Decor KK 19
Edge trim Microresina KK 148
Floor Cementoresina KK 148

Ceiling and walls Decor KK 55
Radiator and accessories Microresina KK 55
Floor Cementoresina KK 81

Floor Cementoresina KK 81

Walls and ceilings Absolute KK 87
Doors and skirting boards Microresina KK 87
Floor Cementoresina KK 81

Walls Absolute KK 119
Floor Cementoresina KK 29

Floor Cementoresina KK 29

Wall Wallcrete KK 29
Joints Fugabella Color 16
Equipment Microresina KK 3
Floor Cementoresina KK 29

Wall Patina Living KK 106
Floor Cementoresina KK 109
External walls Outdoor Plaster KK 106

Wall Decor KK 48, KK 106
Floor and stairs Cementoresina KK 109

Floor and stairs Cementoresina KK 109

High-performance, natural surface, smoothed texture Cementoresina resin covering, in colored paste form, with a total thickness of ≈ 3 mm, suitable for covering showers, Turkish baths, bathtubs, shelves, washbasins and other architectural elements in domestic and commercial interiors.

Italian design for living comfort.
Waterproof and waterproof, class W3 according to ISO 1062-3, with very low VOC emissions (TVOC 3) days ≤ 0.03 mg/m3, TVOC 28 days ≤ 0.02 mg/m3, complies with AgBB1 protocol, EN ISO 16000 ), with high VOC emissions. resistance to bacterial growth (according to ISO 22196 standard), resistance to chemicals and stains (according to EN 12720 standard). according to the standard), non-toxic according to the EN 71-3 standard, suitable for environments intended for children, complies with the EN 12720 standard. meets UNI 11021:2002 (HACCP DL 193/2007) food hygiene requirements, color fastness with the following characteristics with GSC4 index (according to ISO 105-A02 standard).

Cementoresina Day 1/5

Cementoresina Day 2/5

Cementoresina Day 3/5

Cementoresina Day 4/5

Cementoresina Day 5/5

  • Surface abrasion (ASTM D 4060): 18 mg at CS17/1kg/1000rpm
  • Bacterial growth test (ISO 22196): Resistant to bacterial growth
  • HACCP (UNI 11021-2002): Complies, suitable for food preparation environments
  • Health protection and safety (EN 71-3): Complies, suitable for decorating playgrounds and children's rooms.
  • VOC (EN ISO 16000): Very low emission, complies with the AgBB1 standard.


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