Microresina Floor surface and texture

Water-based ultra-thin film. Ideal for redesigning existing ceramic, cement and resin floors. With Microresina Floor, floors get a completely new look, giving a fresh and modern look to the original features of the home.

Kerakoll Microresina Floor Color Collection

11.800 Ft

Colored, water-based micro-resin with a lacquered matt surface, for the redesign of all types of ceramic, cement and synthetic resin floors. Italian design for living comfort.

Thanks to its innovative technology, Microresina Floor is ideal for redesigning existing ceramic, cement and synthetic resin floors. It covers and protects the surface with a protective and colored ultra-thin film.

Microresina Floor renews floors with elegance and simplicity, highlighting patterns, textures and irregularities to refresh rooms and give them a clean, modern look.

Available in 150 colors from the Color Collection.

Areas of application:

  • Existing ceramic tiles
  • Cement floors (concrete)

Minimum order quantity: 10m2 and multiples of 5 above. 5m2 can be ordered with a 30% surcharge.

Wrapping Part A is a 2.5 kg bucket + Part B is a 0.5 kg bottle
Part A 1.0 kg bucket + Part B 0.2 kg bottle
Material requirement per layer ≈ 0.1 – 0.15 kg/m 2
Storage ≈ 12 months

The Microresina Floor

Kerakoll Color Collection szin paletta

The Microresina Floor
interior spaces

Ceiling Wallpaper Living WR01
Metal frame Microresina WR01
Hood Wallpaper WR01
Wall Microresina WR01
Kitchen furniture Microresina WR01
Floor Microresina Floor WR01

Ceiling Decor Paint WR08
Wall Microresina, Wallcrete WR08
Floor Microresina Floor WR10

Wall Microresina WR01
Kitchen furniture Microresina WR01
Metal frame Microresina WR01
Floor Microresina Floor WR01

Kerakoll Microresina Zero: Meghatározza a színezett alapot, amely tökéletesen tapadó burkolatot biztosít meglévő padlóburkolatokhoz egy- és kétégetéses kerámia, porcelán, üvegmozaik, cotto, márvány, természetes kő és cementpadlókhoz.
Microresina Floor is a great option for upgrading or renovating ceramic, cement and resin floors. It gives the floor a fresh and modern look while preserving the original style. Using water-based microresin paint, the old surface is coated with an elegant, extremely durable, ultra-thin layer.
Water-based, ultra-thin film for re-designing existing floors, single- and double-fired ceramic, porcelain, glass mosaic, cotto, natural stone and marble floors, as well as cement floors for interior floors and stairs.

Microresina Floor has Bfl-s1 class reaction a (EN 13501), with anti-slip surface, suitable for use in public areas (class R9 according to DIN 51130), complies with the HACCP/EC 852/2004 food hygiene system.
  • CE marking (EN 13813): ✓
  • Adhesion test (DIN 53151/ISO 2409/ASTM D 3359): 100% on ceramic tiles and paints
  • Abrasion resistance (ASTM D 4060): 18 mg with CS17/1 kg/1000 cycles
  • Bacterial growth test (ISO 22196): Resistant to bacterial growth
  • VOC (EN ISO 16000): Very low emission, complies with the AgBB1 standard.
  • Underfloor heating (EN 1903): Complies
  • Behavior against fire (EN 13501): class Bfl-s1
  • Anti-slip (DIN 51130): R9
  • Health protection and safety (EN 71-3): Complies, suitable for decorating playgrounds and children's rooms.
  • HACCP (UNI 11021-2002): Compliant, suitable for covering environments intended for food preparation.


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