Wallcrete Living surface and texture

Water-based synthetic resin coating with colored smoothing material structure. Wallcrete Living's matte and monochromatic surface is characterized by irregularities and textured details resulting from exclusive hand-crafting that enhances the natural vibrancy of colors. Wallcrete Living is suitable for the decorative surface treatment of the walls of all other environments.

Kerakoll Wallcrete Living Color Collection

12.800 Ft

Texturizing primer coating for Kerakoll Wallcrete Living synthetic resin coverings. Italian design for living comfort. The Color Collection Available in 150 colors.

Kerakoll Wallcrete Living water-based synthetic resin coverings with a colorful material texture applied with a trowel.

Kerakoll Wallcrete is a special waterproof cycle for bathroom and kitchen tiles. Wallcrete Living is a decorative surface suitable for wall surfaces in all other types of environments.

Areas of application:

  • Traditional cement-based plasters
  • Plasterboard panels
  • Gypsum-based plasters
  • Ceramic coatings, glass mosaics, natural stone
  • Fiber cement panels
  • Plywood, MDF, HDF panels

Minimum order quantity: 10m2 and multiples of 5 above. 5m2 can be ordered with a 20% surcharge.

Wrapping Bucket 5-15 kg
Material requirement Load on finely smoothed underlay (in 2 layers) ≈ 1.8 kg/m 2
Load on a plastered substrate or ceramic covering (in 3 layers) ≈ 3 kg/m 2
Storage ≈ 12 for months


Kerakoll Color Collection szin paletta

Wallcrete Living
interior spaces

Wall Wallcrete WR04
Shelf Wallcrete WR04

Wall Wallcrete WR06
Wall panel Legno+Color Large WR06
Floor Cementoresina WR06

Walls and ceilings Wallcrete Living KK 110

Wall Wallcrete Living KK 130

Wall Wallcrete Living KK 110

Ceiling Decor KK 2
Walls Wallcrete Living KK 20
Floor Cementoresina KK 67

Wall Wallcrete Living KK 20

Walls Wallcrete Living KK 110

Ceiling Absolute KK 63
Walls Wallcrete Living KK 72

Walls Wallcrete Living KK 72

Ceiling Absolute KK 63
Walls Wallcrete Living KK 72
Floor Microresina Floor KK 72

Wall Wallcrete Living KK 113

Wallcrete Living is a water-based resin wall covering that is colored with smoothed material texture. Its matte and monochromatic appearance is accentuated by textured details and irregularities resulting from exclusive hand-working techniques that enhance the natural vibrancy of the colors. This decorative finish is ideal for all types of interior walls, but cannot be used on walls in direct contact with water.

Water-based synthetic resin covering with colored smoothing structure Wallcrete Living ≈ 2 mm total thickness, which is suitable for decorating apartments and commercial interiors.

V2 water vapor permeability class (breathable) according to EN ISO 7783 standard, conforms to EN 15824 standard, resistant to bacterial growth (100%) according to ISO 15457 standard, resistant to bacterial development according to ISO 22196 standard, non-toxic according to EN According to the 71-3 standard, suitable for decorating environments intended for children, it complies with the UNI 11021:2002 (HACCP D) standard. L. 193/2007) system, suitable for covering environments intended for food preparation, with excellent chemical resistance (class 5), stain-resistant and resistant to detergents according to the EN 12720 standard.

  • Water vapor permeability (EN ISO 7783): class (breathable)
  • Health protection and safety (EN 71-3): Complies, suitable for decorating playgrounds and children's rooms.
  • Bacterial growth (ISO 15457): 100% effective.
  • Bacterial growth (ISO 22196): Resists bacterial growth
  • Scratch resistance (ISO 1518 Clements test): 1.8 kg
  • Chemical resistance (EN 12720): class 5 (excellent), stain resistant and resistant to detergents.
  • HACCP (UNI 11021-2002): Compliant, suitable for covering environments intended for food preparation.


Colors and surfaces for contemporary life


Achieving depth with textural effects


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