Kerakoll GeoSteel G3300

307.500 Ft
Size:20 meters
In stock, order time 2-4 weeks.

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Made from Hardwire™ galvanized steel, Kerakoll GeoSteel G3300 fabric is a unidirectional, highly resistant fabric reinforced with galvanized steel microstacks, attached to a fiberglass micromesh for easy installation. Can be installed with GeoLite Gel bedding system.

The structural reinforcement fabric is thus very easy to handle and shape, it combines excellent mechanical and installation properties and a high degree of resistance thanks to the electroplating of the individual fibers. Galvanized steel fiber fabrics have unique structural and mechanical properties that are significantly better than fabrics made of carbon-glass-aramid fiber, so they are particularly effective in various structural strengthening and repair applications or in earthquake-proof designs. In addition, it is suitable for creating crack bridging and surface coating systems, together with the GeoSteel Injection and Connection system.

Wrapping Roll (30 cm high) 20 m
Storage for unlimited time

- Increased durability thanks to specially galvanized steel fibers, tested in strict durability tests in a salty environment, with freezing and thawing and with increased humidity
- Particularly suitable when used together with GeoLite Gel epoxy mineral base structure for structural reinforcements, ideal for structural coating of reinforced concrete and prestressed reinforced concrete, masonry, wood and steel sections
- It can be easily attached to make structural reinforcements and it is
for active protection through special mechanical fastening systems, thanks to the special properties of the fabric, because it is not necessary to impregnate the tape beforehand, while the metal plates allow it to be fixed, without the need for special care, unlike all other commercially available fibers and fabrics
- Using the GeoSteel pneumatic bending tool, we can shape it without changing its mechanical properties. Follow the instructions in the Technical Manual. The bending tool allows you to easily shape the fabric to wrap around beams and columns and perform other bends required for structural support.

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Kerakoll GeoSteel G3300

✓ The net weight of the net is ≈ 3300 g/m2
✓ Suitable for structural reinforcement together with: GeoLite® Gel
✓ Ideal for reinforcing reinforced concrete and prestressed reinforced concrete elements with an epoxy base structure

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