Reviving Budapest's heritage: Kerakoll's solution to the fight against Sick Building Syndrome and wet walls

Budapest, a city known for its impressive architecture and historical landmarks, faces a quiet yet ubiquitous challenge: Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and the danger of wet walls, especially in the basements of aging buildings. SBS, which causes health problems for residents due to poor indoor air quality, is a growing concern. Together with the destruction caused by wet walls, this poses a double threat to the city's architectural heritage.

THE Understanding Sick Building Syndrome
SBS, characterized by respiratory disease and other health problems, affects about 20% of the world's population, according to the WHO. Its causes are manifold - inadequate ventilation, chemical and biological contamination, and non-breathable building materials. In Budapest, where history is etched into every wall, the effect is even more pronounced and affects not only health, but also the city's cultural heritage.

Dilemma of wet walls
Damp walls, which are a common sight in old buildings in Budapest, especially in basements, are not just an aesthetic problem. They lead to structural damage, promote mold growth, and contribute to SBS. The water seeping into the walls carries salts, which crystallize, damage the plaster and threaten the integrity of the building.

All masonry is potentially absorbent and thus suffers from contact with water.

The most dangerous moisture comes from the ground, as it is saturated with salts (chlorides, sulfates, nitrates), which permeate the masonry and cause capillary wetting over several meters.

Moisture changes the physical and chemical behavior of the wall, increases its thermal conductivity and reduces its insulating ability. Furthermore, due to the crystallization of salts on the surface, they cause the decay of the building materials and the rapid degradation of the wall.

Walls saturated with water have a reduced insulating capacity and promote the creation of mold and bacteria, thus impairing the health of the premises and the well-being of the people living in them.

Kerakoll's Italian expertise
Enter Kerakoll, a company in Italy where ancient techniques perfected by the Romans to preserve buildings are still revered. Kerakoll offers a revolutionary solution to these problems, combining tradition with innovation.

The distinction
Rinzaffo vs Zoccolatura: Kerakoll's approach includes a product system centered on Biocalce Rinzaffo and Biocalce Zoccolatura. Rinzaffo, a preparatory layer, prepares the walls for the main act - the Zoccolatura. Zoccolatura is what brings the real magic, with its unique properties.

The microporous magic of Zoccolatura
Zoccolatura, a natural hydraulic lime-based plaster, is designed with micropores. These pores prevent water from entering, but allow steam to escape, so that the salts crystallize harmlessly in the wall. This feature is crucial for the protection of buildings such as the iconic Buda Castle or the rustic cellars of the Castle District.

Biocalce Zoccolatura permanently eliminates the problem of wall dampness.

Biocalce Zoccolatura provides a natural balance between capillary wetting and surface drainage of moisture, it takes advantage of the natural properties of micro-porosity and hygroscopicity of pure NHL lime and natural pozzolan.

Since the plaster is insensitive to the reaction with salts, this ensures its chemical stability and the durability of the entire waterproofing system.

Overcoming the shortcomings of cement
Commonly used cement-based mortars are notorious contributors to SBS and moisture problems because they react poorly with water. Zoccolatura, on the other hand, celebrates its lime composition and the prestigious NHL 3.5 rating, which symbolizes excellent quality and moisture management.

The revelation of the Anstett test
According to the Anstett test, Biocalce Zoccolatura shows only 0.8% expansion in contact with water, which is in stark contrast to the 40% expansion of normal cement and 30% of normal lime. This feature makes it exceptionally suitable for historical buildings in Budapest, where interaction with water is unavoidable.

The "ANSTETT EXPERIMENT" analytical method is used to examine the chemical resistance of hydraulic binders against sulfate salts. As a result, binder samples (cured in water, dried, ground) with 33% gypsum (sulfate) content are produced. The powdered mixture is moistened with 6% water and pressed into a cylindrical tablet with a diameter of 80 mm. They are placed on a tile where they come into contact with water. The sulfate reaction is checked at regular intervals with a caliper with an accuracy of ± 0.01 mm, measuring the diameter of the sample.

The Biocalce system - a symphony of solutions
The Biocalce system is a series of products, all of which play a crucial role in wall renovation and preservation. From the preparatory layer of Rinzaffo to the protective layer of Zoccolatura, complemented by products such as Biocalce Tinteggio and Biocalce Fondo, the system offers a holistic approach to combat moisture and SBS.

Prestigious WTA certification
Both Zoccolatura and Rinzaffo boast the WTA certificate, which is proof of their efficiency and reliability in maintaining the health of buildings, be it the facades along Andrássy út or the interiors of the Parliament building.

Kerakoll Biocalce Zoccolatura

10.600 Ft

Kerakoll Biocalce Zoccolatura is particularly suitable for the restoration of masonry exposed to bulging, erosion and detachment due to environmental effects and the degrading effect of salt concentration caused by capillary wetting.

  • It is natural, porous and highly breathable, which allows the wall to breathe freely
  • Highly resistant to salts, high evaporation capacity, low capillary absorption without initial supports.

Kerakoll Biocalce Rinzaffo

7.800 Ft

Kerakoll Biocalce Rinzaffo is particularly suitable for base plastering prior to final smoothing. Extremely breathable and salt-resistant, it is also ideal for building walls affected by rising moisture.

  • Natural, porous and highly breathable, it allows the wall to breathe freely
  • High adhesion on all types of masonry
  • It unifies the smoothness of the wall and the absorption of moisture
Dry wall with the restoration system of Biocalce through perfect drainage
A Kerakoll GeoCalce Tenace (Erős) egy kettős jelölésű geo‑habarcs, nyomószilárdsági osztálya CS III az MSZ EN 998‑1 szabvány szerint és M5 osztályú az MSZ EN 998‑2 szabvány szerint.
Kerakoll GeoCalce Tenace
4.000 Ft
Kerakoll Biocalce Tinteggio, természetes mészhabarcs, különösen alkalmas új és felújított vakolatok magas esztétikai értékű dekorációjának elkészítéséhez.
Kerakoll Biocalce Tinteggio: Természetes falfesték; tanúsított, öko‑kompatibilis, az EN 459‑1 szabványnak megfelelően válogatott CL 90‑S mészhabarcs és színes föld alapú festék, kiemelten légáteresztő képességű vakolatok fedésére.
Kerakoll Biocalce Tinteggio
11.200 Ft53.900 Ft
Kerakoll Biocalce Intonachino Fino: Tanúsított, öko‑kompatibilis, NHL 3.5 természetes tiszta mészből készült, az EN 459‑1 szabványnak megfelelő természetes simító anyag vakolatok magas lélegzőképességű és finom szemcsés kidolgozásához.
Kerakoll Biocalce Intonachino Fino
6.400 Ft
Kerakoll Biocalce Muratura: Tanúsított, öko‑kompatibilis, NHL 3.5 természetes tiszta mészből készült, az EN 459‑1 szabványnak megfelelő természetes habarcs falazatok rendkívül légáteresztő ágyazatához és törmelékes feltöltéséhez, ideális a GreenBuildingnél, valamint műemlékek restaurálásához.
Kerakoll Biocalce Muratura
4.100 Ft
Kerakoll Biocalce Pietra: Tanúsított, öko‑kompatibilis, NHL 3.5 természetes tiszta mészből készült, az EN 459‑1 szabványnak megfelelő természetes habarcs, falazatok rendkívül magas légáteresztő képességű ágyazatához és fugázásához, ideális a GreenBuildingnél, valamint műemlékek restaurálásához.
Kerakoll Biocalce Pietra
6.200 Ft
Kerakoll Biocalce Intonachino Tipo 00: Tanúsított, öko‑kompatibilis, NHL 3,5 természetes tiszta mészből készült, az EN 459‑1 szabványnak megfelelő természetes simítóanyag a vakolatok magas lélegzőképességű sima felületi kidolgozásához.
Kerakoll Biocalce Intonachino Tipo 00
7.000 Ft

Versatility both inside and out
Uniquely, this Kerakoll solution can be used both inside and outside buildings, offering a versatile approach to preserving Budapest's architectural wonders, from the splendor of the Opera House to the quaint charm of residential buildings.

As Budapest continues to embrace its historical roots while looking towards a sustainable future, solutions like Kerakoll's Biocalce system play a key role. They bridge the gap between preserving the past and protecting the present, ensuring that the city's architectural gems continue to stand tall, not just as relics of history, but as healthy, living spaces for people. In the heart of Hungary, Kerakoll's innovation is more than a product; guardian of heritage and health.


A Benesserebio® biovakolat megóvja a házat a nedvesség okozta károsodástól. Az idők folyamán tartósan megőrzi a párologtató és szellőző képességét
A Benesserebio® a Kerakoll kizárólagos geo‑kötőanyagával javított, a mikronizált természetes trasz sók elleni védőfunkciójával kombinált természetes NHL meszet alkalmaz.
Kerakoll Benesserebio
12.500 Ft
Biocalce® Rinzaffo különösen alkalmas a végső simítást megelőző alapvakoláshoz. Kiemelten lélegző és sóálló, ideális felszálló nedvesedés által érintett falazatok készítéséhez is.
Kerakoll Biocalce Rinzaffo
7.800 Ft
Kerakoll Biocalce Zoccolatura a különösen alkalmas a környezeti hatások és a kapilláris átnedvesedés okozta sókoncentráció leépítő hatása miatti kidudorodásnak, eróziónak és leválásnak kitett falazatok helyreállításához.
Kerakoll Biocalce Zoccolatura
10.600 Ft
We have the right solution for every construction-related problem.
Alapfelületek előkészítése
Preparation of base surfaces
Dekorálás: festékek, bevonatok és lakkok
Decoration: paints, coatings and varnishes
Falazat kiszárítása hővel
Drying masonry with heat
Thermal insulation
Javítás és szerkezeti megerősítés ‑ földrengésbiztos
Repair and structural reinforcement - earthquake proof
Kerámia és terméskő burkolás
Ceramic and natural stone tiling
Parketta, rugalmas padlók és ipari műgyantaburkolatok lerakása
Laying parquet, flexible floors and industrial synthetic resin coverings
Természetes rendszerek
Natural systems
Építés és felületkialakítás
Construction and surface design

Kerakoll Design

Kerakoll Design is an integrated project that incorporates innovative materials - synthetic resin, cement, hand-crafted wood, micro-coatings, paints and glazes - coordinated in a single color palette.

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